Think Pink

Recently, my good friends at Lush decided to rejig and relaunch an old favourite, the Think Pink bath bomb. Could such a lovely little treat really be improved? I decided to take one for the team and do a bit of a road test. Here is the verdict.


This little treasure has quite a powdery, sweet scent and the image to match. The cutesy little flower makes what would otherwise be quite a simple bomb a little bit special. In the bath, it releases loads of little confetti hearts and turns the water slightly pink – like diluted raspberry cordial. Not mind blowing, but still a very pleasant experience. Feeling like the Queen of Hearts in my luxurious, sweetly scented bathtub kingdom, I am more than thrilled to bask a little while longer.

THINK PINK BATH BOMB (new and improved)

You may have already noticed a key difference between the bombs – the new Think Pink is not a mini bath bomb, rather a full size shebang. While it doesn’t have as an intricate an exterior, pop this fellow in the bath for a serious spectacle! My tub was a riot of frothy pink and some turquoise swirls – thanks to the contrasting core – and shimmery, glittery (plastic free) goodness… Though I do miss the confetti. The scent has also been beefed up, with more of the sweet musky notes and some delicious red berries.

All in all, while the price point is a touch higher, I do approve of the changes made to my beloved Think Pink. Essentially, the effect is still blissfully similar, but with more colour, more froth, more glitter, more, more, more! Thanks, Lush, love you.


On This, the Day of Your Birth

Freebies are my jam. And what better time to take advantage of them than on my birthday? I’ve done my research, joined the mailing lists and signed up for membership cards to bring you the definitive list of what freebies and discounts are available on your special day.



There are a select few stores out there who generously send some stylish love to those of us celebrating the anniversary of our birth. Usually, there are clauses, such as minimum spends or vouchers only valid on full-priced items – but freebies are freebies and all are good. Here are a few I have received and will be taking advantage of on this, my birthday weekend.

$20 off full-priced items

Valid: 1 month from receiving voucher

 This is one of my favourite birthday benefits to redeem. For the past couple of years, I have enjoyed the Bardot birthday love they’re dishing out. Generally, unless there’s a specific piece I’ve been lusting after, I’ll use the voucher on accessories of nice basics, as I’m not a fan of spending money for the sake of it. Even though the voucher needs to be spent on full-priced items, there is no minimum spend, which means you could pick up a few small bits and bobs absolutely free!

$20 off full-priced items

Valid: 1 month from receiving voucher

Again, $20 isn’t heaps when it has to be full-priced but, let me tell you, there are some wonders to be had! I recommend perusing their leather collection.

$20 off when you spend $60


Any MYER discount or voucher will come in handy to me. With such a range of fashion, beauty and home goodies, I know I’ll be able to find some birthday treat worthy of this discount.

$10 voucher

Valid: One month from birthday

With no minimum spend and no restrictions, there are no barriers! Pick yourself up some cutesy chic stationery or maybe sort yourself out for next year early with a diary.



This is an extensive category so you’d better be hungry! Some of the offers are only available on your actual birthday but many others can be claimed a day or two either side or even for the whole month.



Free meal

Valid: Birthday month

This is awesome. Any time in your birthday month, you can slip in for a cheeky Nando’s meal, loaded with peri-peri goodness. It doesn’t get much more generous than that! Just make sure you are a registered Peri-Perks member.


San Churro

Free Churros for two

Valid: One day before or after your birthday

Who doesn’t love a churro? The best thing about this offer is that you can share it with the one you love, for an ultra-romantic churro sesh. Or eat them all yourself. It’s your birthday, I won’t judge. OR you can upgrade to a churro fiesta for $15. Sure, it’s not free anymore but that’s a lot of churros…


Salsa’s Fresh Mex

Free burrito or bowl

Valid: Two days before or after your birthday

What can I say. Mexican food has a special place in my heart. And free food always tastes best, yes?


Free burger

Valid: One month from birthday

The extended expiry date on this one makes it very handy. I can guarantee there will be a day when I’m out and about and peckish enough for a tasty morsel like this. Lifesaver.


Though not exactly a separate category, there are enough caffeine and sugar hits to keep you going through any birthday hangover, alcohol induced or otherwise.

Cold Rock

Free ice cream with one mix in

Valid: On your birthday

Can’t say no to ice cream, especially on my birthday! As it is only available the day of, I’m making this one a priority. Luckily there’s a Cold Rock in Northbridge, open ’til midnight.


Free single scoop ice cream

Valid: One month from receiving voucher

Much more leeway with this one. I will be enjoying this scoop at my leisure.

Shingle Inn

Free coffee and cranberry choc cookie

Valid: One month from receiving voucher

The Shingle Inn loyalty program is already wonderful (every sixth coffee free, hello) and this is the icing on the cake. Or the cranberry in the cookie.

Muffin Break

Free muffin

Valid: One month from receiving voucher

When I need a muffin, they’ve got my back. Not much more to say!

Just make sure you’ve registered, signed up, downloaded or logged in and you too can enjoy this smörgasbord of birthday love!

Maintaining Low Maintenance 

As much as I love playing with makeup and looking lovely, I’m also a little lazy and tend to be time poor on working mornings. I balk at the idea of having fakeness on my face or body – never been a fan of hair extensions or spray tans… but I’ve recently made one definitive exception to this preference. I went and got… eyelash extensions. And, let me tell you, I love them to bits. 

Isabella at The Beauty Lounge Mt Hawthorn is my go-to eyelash miracle worker. She takes such care and pride in what she does, so I always come away feeling completely satisfied and like I got value for money.Check out their Instagram

Having been blessed with short lashes and sleepy looking eyes, I can’t even begin to tell you how fantastic it feels to wake up in the morning looking perky and lively. My makeup routine is wonderfully speedy, as my go to look used to be winged eyeliner and lashings of mascara just to balance my facial features – I don’t need that now!The only maintenance is a quick brush through my lashes with a spoolie when I’m doing my makeup and a little extra care and attention when washing my face. Yes, you need to be gentle with them, but if you treat them right, they’ll keep you looking gorgeous for an entire month before needing a refill. I honestly can’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Any questions about my lashes or opinions on the beauty treatments you can’t live without, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Alternatively, just book yourself in here – you will not regret it!

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. If I rave about something, it’s because I truly do love it!

A Decade of Decadence

On Saturday, I was the guest of the wonderfully brash and glittery Sugar Blue Burlesque company at their 10 year celebration, A Decade of Decadence.Now, what is burlesque, you may ask? A cynic might say it's just a creative way of taking off your clothes but somehow the music, feathers, sparkles and, yes, nipple tassels come together to make so much more. The event was a riot of colour and cheek with an incredible array of acts, ranging from the hilarious to the tantalisingly provocative.With music from the Perth Cabaret Collective, there was never a dull moment as the performers twirled and jiggled across the stage and well-heeled (and corseted) audience members got in on the action on the dance floor. I must say, it was the best-dressed crowd I've seen in a while!
Taking a stroll around the retro burlesque market (yes, a market!), there were goodies to appeal to any taste, from Sugar Blue doughnuts to semi-permanent lipstick. The doughnuts were delicious. In the spirit of things, I even picked up a very risqué goodie bag!The sexy lineup for the evening included everything from local acts turned international stars, to up-and-comers, to talented students. Something you may not know is that Sugar Blue Burlesque is not just a load of brilliant performers, oh no, they have an academy, too! Gazing up at the gyrating bodies, I found myself with an incredible urge to give it a go – to see if my body could move like that and if that kind physical empowerment feels as good as it looks. Let's just say, those sparkly nipple tassels from my goodie bag may be coming in handy. Find out more about classes here and say 'Hi!' if you see me there! Jolly good show!
All images are courtesy of John Leonard Photography and can be found on the Sugar Blue Burlesque Facebook page.
Much love and appreciation for Aligator Media for having me along!

A Very Zara Sale Haul

As we all know by now, I love a good sale. So, when I stumbled upon the Zara sale, I was in hog heaven. Zara specialises in structured, tailored pieces – stylist and workwear appropriate – which suits me down to the ground. I tried not to go to mad in my spending, as it would have been so easy to go overboard with all the wonderful goodies on offer. I limited myself to two pairs of shoes, one top, a bodysuit, a dress and a skirt – not too bad for less than $130 altogether!This body is such a great basic. The material is super soft and the wrap style is flattering on absolutely everyone. I only wish it were a little thinner so it could stand up to the atrociously chilly weather we’ve been having.Can we just take a moment to appreciate these boots? I’m loving anything outrageously metallic for winter – the frigid weather calls for some frivolity to lighten the mood. The kitten heel is just my cup of tea – perfect for strolling in the city on a dreary day. And, hey, they’re probably waterproof!This slightly cropped shirt is just the cutest! I love the quality and weight of the fabric, and the muted blue and cream stripes make it look much more expensive than the $25 I paid. As I said, slightly cropped, so it isn’t going to ride up and expose anything it shouldn’t but it also won’t cause unsightly bulges when tucked in. Win and win.

Another little gem was the pair of flats above. The leather is gorgeously buttery and soft and the wraparound ankle strap keeps everything snug and secure – a drastic change from my vast collection of mules and slides. Not to stray too far from (my own) tradition, I’ve discovered that the backs of these flats can be easily folded down and worn as slides if desired!This style of skirt is super on trend at the moment, although not the most weather appropriate. I’m hanging out for the warmer months to give it a good run, as I’m not a gigantic fan of skirts with stockings. I’m also loving the combination of different stripes the skirt offers paired with this shirt. It’s like, not matching, matching.Have I saved the best ‘til last? I think so. This slip dress is everything to me. I love the combination of prints, uneven hem and relaxed fit – it has an almost patchwork like quality. The material is also lovely – light and silky, and not static-y or likely to cling. I’m imagining sundrenched holiday afternoons, lazing in the shade or strolling through the humidity, somewhere hot and topical…Please let me know what your favourite piece was or tell me about anything you’ve picked up in the Zara sale. I’d also love to know about any other brilliant sales going on!

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Always keen for for a bit of wine tasting and some excellent food, I jumped at the chance to go the The Good Food & Wine Show. I had heard about the event in the past but never managed to attend. I wasn’t sure what to expect but, as soon as I stepped through the doors, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. The very first thing I laid my eyes on was thirty or so people taking a pizza dough Masterclass, rolling out perfect, thin, stretchy pizza bases, ready to be topped with beautiful, fresh ingredients. But enough about the pizzas (for now). The first port of call was for a coffee to sip while taking the first wander though the plethora of stalls, taking in the sights, sounds and aromas, before delving into the wine tasting. And it was a good coffee.An unexpected delight was a “Winescream” from Vinomofo. That’s wine ice cream, if you’re wondering. The little sample they gave me was incredibly tasty and, when I finished, I did my best to lick every last little drop from the cup. Brilliant idea and execution – Ten points!With an event like this, with dozens upon dozens of winemakers showcasing their wares, it’s important to have a game plan. I sampled a few rosés (planning ahead for summer, always) but mainly stuck to the big reds, as is my preference. This meant I was able to taste and compare so many more of the same varieties, getting a better idea of the regional styles and finding some absolute gems without confusing my palette too much. I’m no wine tasting expert but this worked for me and I could still walk at the end of the day! My wine purchases were limited, as I didn’t want to be lugging around too many bottles all day, but I did pick up a lovely sparkling Merlot – such decadence, such fun! – and a beautifully juicy Grenache, with the surprising aroma of vegemite toast!All that wine called for some lining for the stomach, which we found in the way of the incredible pizza place mentioned earlier. Not much tops a made to order Margherita pizza, fresh from the oven. In an instant, we were transported canal-side – to Venice – to the first time I had a genuine, 100% Italian pizza, made by Italians, in Italy. It was a good pizza.It was around this time that I discovered Cheese Alley, a fromage enthusiasts dream. The entire experience was a whirlwind of cheesy goodness and, while I tried some truly phenomenal soft cheeses and blues, I only decided to pick up a delicious jalapeño infused havarti. Not to fret though, I made note of just which farmer’s markets I can go to to get my favourites at a later date.Last but definitely not least, we got to watch Manu Fieldel cook up some recipes from his most recent cook book! Just as charming and funny in real life as he is on TV, it’s no wonder he was able to pull a crowd. The recipes he demonstrated – with audience participation, of course – were simple and inspiring; a difficult feat to manage! Often, celebrity chefs will go too far in one direction or the other, either creating something of little interest or requiring 10 different appliances, various  tricky techniques and an ingredient list as long as your arm! Not Manu. Good old Manu.

With tired feet and satisfied palettes, we retired for the day. An early evening nap was the perfect way to round out a positively blissful experience. Good food and wine, indeed! Cheers!

Top Notch Brunch Spots

What are Sunday’s for if not brunching? I love the relaxing start to the day that leaves you feeling chilled but also ready for an adventure, as a Sunday afternoon could hold anything. The ideal location can have a huge impact on the quality of your brunch experience, so choosing the right place is of the essence. I have a number of wonderful spots on rotation but my current favourite is hard to beat. Location? Check. It’s right on the beach so it doesn’t get much better. Atmosphere? Check. Soothing jazz and a cosy interior are definitely ticking this box. Food? Check. With a full breakfast menu and a cabinet well stocked with ready to go sweet and savoury morsels, there’s surely something for any appetite.Clancy’s Fish Pub City Beach hosts regular Sunday jazz sessions, where you can relax with your food and drinks of choice and admire the majesty of the ocean from their huge wraparound windows. While it’s an incredible view in summer, with the deep azure of the Indian Ocean providing a stunning backdrop for the sun drenched beach, it is equally wonderful in winter. There’s just something about being tucked up all cosy with hot drink as the winter weather rages on outside. And I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather start my Sunday.Being just a teeny bit of a coffee snob, I’m not likely to rave about any café that serves lacklustre coffee. So, when my only complaint is that sometimes it could be served just a degree or two warmer, you know it must be good. Maybe they just couldn’t find my table. Maybe my copious winter layers disguised me as a pile of uninhabited blankets.I have a confession to make. While the breakfast menu looks excellent, I’ve never actually tried anything on it. My go-to meal is the Breakfast Pie from their cabinet of treats and I’ve never felt the urge to stray far. It’s just that darn good. And at $5.50, it’s a bargain that I just can’t pass up.

It’s the simple things that make this place especially wonderful. The mismatched tableware just adds to the charm of this cosy gem. I came here once with a group of five other people and I don’t think a single plate matched another. It could be put down to wonderful attention to detail or possibly they just have that many different plates.So, whether the weather be sweet or sour, I know where I’ll be wiling away the late morning hours this Sunday. Coffee in hand and jazz in my ears; this is bliss.

The Good Oil

Of all the lotions, potions and serums out there, oils are far and away my favourite. There’s just something about the slippery texture that glides across my skin or through my hair, leaving me feeling moisturised, nourished and revitalised. When The Divine Company sent me a sample of their new Oil Serum, I was so excited to try it! Before I get into my experience with this product, let me talk a little about the brand.The Divine Company strives to create natural products that are gentle on skin and the environment. By using only organic ingredients, they eliminate the nasties that can cause problems for sensitive skin. I have tried several of their other products and, while my skin isn’t particularly sensitive, I can still appreciate the luxuriousness of the simple formulas and natural ingredients. Late last year, I attended their launch of a number of different products – you can check that out here.At first, I was a little unsure about when to use the serum. Is it a nighttime thing? Before moisturising? After? Instead of? So, to quell these queries, I actually read the instructions. This product is designed to be used after cleasing and they recommend to follow it with the Divine Woman day or night cream. The only amendment I would make to these directions is that the serum needs time to soak in. This isn’t a skincare regime that would support makeup application directly afterwards but, boy, is it moisturising! My skin is deliciously plump and silky – I can see this being a part of my bedtime routine, when the oil will have time to work it’s wonderful magic.

I honestly cannot recommend this product enough, especially if you have dry skin. I would say it is more of a treatment than simply a serum, and it really is a treat. Just don’t do it in a hurry or you skin may end up with a slightly undesirable oil slick sheen.

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. I received a free sample with no obligation to review the product.