Perfect Pairs

I love the feeling a fashion magazine can give me. Those bright, glossy pages, full of glorious, glittering baubles – when done well – can be just so inspiring. And there’s one magazine that does it better than most. One specific magazine has been getting it so right of late – one specific feature in that specific magazine, in fact – could I be any more specific? That magazine is InStyle and I live and die for the Find Your Perfect Pair spread.

Having recently committed to a subscription (yay!), I’ll be sharing my takes on the monthly pairing goodness!

February’s perfect pair was a tea dress with a pair of slides. Not just any slides – fancy slides. Surprisingly, finding a tea dress in my wardrobe was the tricky part – I don’t often go in for something so girly. After a little rummage, I put together two outfits that fit the bill and were really a lot of fun!

Though not technically slides, I felt these pom-pom bedazzled flats were still perfect. They have a cheekiness about them that tempers the severity of any black outfit, and the delicate lightning bolt print of the dress only serves to heighten the frivolity!

Outfit number two is a combination of a few of my favourite things: rose gold, silky, and anything orientally inspired. I love that the peachy flowers on the dress mimic the colour of the shoes and bring the whole outfit together. Topped off with a pair of reflective aviators, this look is perfect for weekend brunching and all those other mostly but not completely casual occasions.

I’d love to see your take on this pairing so tag me in your Instagram pictures with @jecaevers.


Did You Say Sale?

We all love lush and we all love a sale. You know what’s even better, though? I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. That’s absolutely correct – a Lush sale! Their Boxing Day sale ran a little overtime this year and we are reaping the benefits.

I picked up a couple of things – you know, just the essentials – and I felt it would be wrong of me to be greedy and keep it all to myself. So I’m sharing with you lovely people! Without actually having to share, of course.

The sale mostly consists of Christmas Exclusives but who doesn’t love the smell of candy canes or a Buck’s Fizz all year round? There is a high percentage of bath products in the sale so now is a good time to stock up on bath bombs and bubble bars for the year. A girl (or guy) can never have too many.

Bubble bars and bubble wands offer so much bang for your buck (Or should I say pop? Nevermind, just trying to make a bubble joke). If you like value for your money, you can’t go past a product that offers easily 10+ glorious uses. The flamingo is fruity and the star is sweet as fairy floss so I’ll just alternate depending on my mood!

I’d been considering Lush’s Toothy Tabs for quite a while before I picked these up but I always found some reason not to. A sale is the perfect time to try something new without the monetary outlay so I picked them up, quick-smart. And… well, let’s just say they’re getting a mixed review from me. I love how clean my teeth feel after brushing and there’s no temperature sensitivity afterwards. Here’s to drinking glasses of icy cold water right before bed! I’m just not a huge fan of the orange flavour and they just make me salivate so darn much! There is also no whitening benefit from these particular tabs and, with my coffee and red wine habits, it’s kind of desirable. Not to be too quick to write them off completely, I’ll have try some different kinds to make that call. Possibly the charcoal ones next – stay tuned.

In descending order, Sugar Scrub, Sherbet Dip and Layer Cake. I think Freud would have something to say about my tower.

I love bath bombs. Part of my bath time zen comes from gazing at the colours exploding, expanding, swirling and mixing together… So I’m always after one I haven’t tried before for a brand new chromatic experience. This being said, I definitely picked Sherbert Dip up for the scent. In need of a pick-me-up? This sour lemon fizzer will have you perky in no time. Not one I would recommend at bedtime!

Not much to say about Layer Cake other than it’s soap and it does the job soap is supposed to do.The lovely fruity lather is refreshing and subtle – just what I’m after when it’s about to followed by Buck’s Fizz.

I’m yet to try the sugar scrub. I thought I’d be able to use it as a solid bar in the shower but apparently that would make it disintegrate… Oops! You’re supposed to wet part of it, break it off and mush into a paste before getting down and scrubby. The process seems a little complicated for my liking but I should probably try it before I complain! Next time I’m having a real deep clean type of shower, I’ll give it a go.

As a lazy person, I like to use products that save me time and an in-shower body conditioner is a great one. I had tried Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner and loved it but a solid one was something new. Side note, Lush is moving away from packaging as much as possible by bringing out many more solid products, such as body conditioner, lip scrub and tint, shower gel, along with the existing range of shampoos and conditioners, bath bombs, soaps, massage bars, etc. etc. etc.

Back to Buck’s Fizz. It smells simply divine, like fresh orange juice and, yes, champagne. So… Exactly like a Buck’s Fizz. Commonly known as a Mimosa. It makes my skin feel amazing and not a bit greasy but it melts like nobody’s business. For best results, you can keep it in the fridge but I’m a bit forgetful and never remember to take it for a shower. So I just deal with the messiness, it’s worth it. Definitely a repurchase forever and ever. Not that I’ll need to for a while – it’s been surprisingly long-lasting so far.

Kerbside Violet is a dark spicy floral perfume with not a hint of sweetness about it. On its own, it’s a little too subtle for my liking but I love layering it with something brighter. It adds an unexpected depth mystery that I love. I also enjoy the ritual of putting on a solid perfume – it feels so thoughtful and sensual.

And that’s all folks! Snowdrop was a gift for a friend so a little hard to review.

Let me know what products you’ve been trying and/or loving so I can compile a shopping list for next time!

Biting the Bullet

Those close to me will know that organisation is not my forte. I love it, I really do, but keeping track of everything is just such hard work! I’m sure a lot of people are with me on this one.

That’s why I decided to bite the bullet (pun possibly intended) and get myself a planner from Bullet Planner.

First of all, the presentation is immaculate. It was a little bit exciting, unboxing my beautiful, giraffe emblazoned, package of pure, unfiltered, organisation… Did I say a little? I was raring to go, ready to fill it up with all my important dates, reminders and other miscellaneous nuggets of information. This was far easier said than done, as I didn’t have a previous planner to copy them from. No – it’s all stored up in the old noggin.

So what do you put in a planner?

Well, essentially it’s a calendar so anything you would normally write down. So far, mine is keeping track of:

  • School terms/holidays
  • Professional development days
  • Birthdays and gift ideas
  • One off appointments (eg. doctor)
  • Recurring appointments (eg. blood donation)
  • Upcoming holidays (yes!)
  • Dinner dates
  • Etc.

Seriously, it’s all in there. That’s a weight off my mind.

Best bits

There are so many useful and clever features in this particular planner so I’ll just list some of my favourites. Along with the obvious, it has:

  • A goal planning page, with sections for personal, health/fitness, career, and financial goals.
  • Holiday planning pages! You can keep track of a packing list, accommodation and transportation information, and activity ideas – I’m getting serious travel FOMO just thinking about it.
  • Books to read. There are so many books I want to eventually get to so it’s nice to have them all written in on place.
  • Monthly habit trackers! You can even set yourself little (or big) rewards for successfully starting/stopping a habit.

Finally, Bullet Planner only uses good quality paper and materials so, even with daily use, this wonderful little book is sure to last me through the busy year ahead.

Create your own personalised Bullet Planner

Oh, the Beautiful Vines

Outdoor food and booze festivals are one thing that this fair city of ours does very, very well. As these are something I’m quite into, you’ll spot me as a regular at the bar or lounging on furniture seemingly scavenged from a building site or the back of Bunnings.

Beauvine is one such festival. With its incredible turnout of breweries, wineries and distilleries in attendance, along with stellar food stalls, entertainment and that view from the Ferris wheel, how could it not be a knockout? And the aforementioned slap up furniture clearly appeals to the millennial desire to exude I’m-not-even-trying-to-be-cool cool.

All jibes aside, Beauvine is a lovely day out, where you’ll be well-fed, entertained and treated to free tastings of some of the best local and imported drops around.

Hailing from the southwest myself, I always have a soft spot for my home region’s heroes, such as the preservative free, organic Bunn Wines, but I must give the Swan Valley some credit for it’s big, bold warm climate reds.

On the beery side of things, one favourite was The Otherside Brewing Company, thanks to their very helpful and informed staff – plus great beer, of course.

Margherita pizzas lined our stomachs, while a quick game of connect four was sometimes necessary to ensure our minds were still sharp. The Ferris wheel offered a break from even that rigorous mental challenge, and served up the prettiest sight of the day. What a wonderful way to spend a wonderful day.

If you didn’t make it to Beauvine, do not fret! Elizabeth Quay is getting its own little party this coming weekend (12th-14th January) with Kegs by the Quay. Imagined into existence by the same people behind Beauvine, KBTQ is sure to bring the goods – with or without a Ferris wheel. Cheers!

ASOS jumpsuit – similar here

ASOS bag – sold out

Spendless Shoes sandals – similar here

Stocking Fillers

So you’ve sorted your Christmas list but feel like your loved ones deserve just a little bit more? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve done the hard yards and compiled a list of stocking stuffing bargains – all around $10 or less, would you believe!

These mini tea fruits from T2 are just adorable. The origami style packaging looks fantastic, and any tea lover will drool over the delectable sips nestled within.

Lush is another great stop for stocking fillers. With so many bath bombs, bubble bars and sweet smelling soaps for below $10, you’ll surely find something for everyone. I did.

Another thoughtful stocking filler is a month long planner that doubles as a health tracker from Bullet Planner. I know I’ve raved about these before but I really do love them.

For all your cashed up friends, how ’bout a swish way to carry around all those extra dollars? Coin purses always come in handy and these are too cute for words!

Check out my post on ASOS bags if you fancy something bigger!

Less than a week ’til Christmas? Shocking!

Get out there and stuff those stockings!

Thoughtful Gifting

Gifting can be a tricky business – especially when you realise we’re already well into December and the Christmas madness is only getting more and more chaotic in the shops! As someone who doesn’t adore crowds, I like to give it a bit of thought and only head out when I have a plan in mind.

This post is half gift guide/half personal wishlist and is designed to provide a bit of inspiration, whether you’re shopping for someone else or just can’t think what to ask for! I’ll begin with the cheaper ideas, which could be added to another gift or given on their own, before moving on to the more expensive and luxury items!

Turkish Towel

These are everywhere at the moment – and for good reason. Quick drying, versatile and super compact, I can’t think of a niftier gift for a beach lover like myself. Sarong, picnic blanket, gym towel – never ending possibilities! You can pick one up for around $15 from stores such as Cotton On or spend a little more for a fancier version.


When it comes to making New Year’s Resolutions, most people say they want to be healthier or more organised. Why not give a gift that will help them reach (and exceed) these goals? I’ve raved about the merits of planners and health journals here and here, and I know I will be getting stuck into my own planner come the 1st of January! Follow this link to create your own personalised planner for yourself or a loved one!

Personalised bag

There’s something very special about having something personalised, especially for Christmas. It shows thought and consideration – and this bag is incredibly tastefully understated. Do the personalisation yourself or let your giftee have a bit of the DIY fun! There are several stores that also offer monogramming on purchases – Kikki.K and Mimco, to name a couple.

If subtle chic isn’t your thing, check out this collection of slightly more attention grabbing bags.

Luxury Skincare

This is something that many women won’t go out and buy for themselves. I know that, for me, it feels like too much of an extravagance. However, receiving these kinds of goodies on Christmas morning is really quite lovely. My favourite skincare brand for festive gift sets would have to be Clarins – Estée Lauder also gets an honourable mention.

I wouldn’t, however, recommend gifting perfume, unless you know your giftee really, really well. Perfume is such a personal thing so it can be difficult to choose for someone else.


I can’t be the only one drooling over this stunning piece. Honestly, it had me at the dragonflies and I think I’m in love. $299 is a lot but maybe I’ve been extra good this year and Santa’s willing to oblige…

Hopefully this gift guide has given you some ideas or inspiration to ensure the run up to Christmas is pleasant and painless!

Dotti About Sales

By all accounts, I was very well-behaved during the Black Friday sales. In fact, I resisted all temptations, bar one. When Dotti does a save-on-sale promotion, there’s little that can hold me back. Especially with free shipping.

So, here’s a little haul for you!

Mesh tops have been having a moment for a little while now and, I have to admit, Dotti does them well. I picked up two, one nude and embroidered, the other black, floaty and shirred. Both are lovely, both will be getting a run this festive season.I added this turquoise skirt to my cart with a slight feeling of trepidation. Short and tight isn’t my usual style but something about it could not be passed by. I was actually very pleased with how it looked on – unfortunately it wasn’t entirely comfortable and a little sweaty, thanks to the faux-leather material.

Dotti does great basics and knitwear so I picked up a couple of pieces. With all discounts, they didn’t cost much more than a few dollars each so I practically made money, yes?

This is a skirt that is begging for a mimosa. It doesn’t get much more summery than this and, teamed with a simple white tee, steers clear of ra-ra territory. I love the contrasting stripes and the beautiful light fabric – perfect for when the weather heats up.

This jumpsuit was the most expensive item in my order (still less than $20 though) so it really had to earn it’s place. Even though it was comfortable and surprisingly flattering, it had to go back. As a jumpsuit lover, I have many; any new addition needs to be something quite special.

Finally, the hero of the haul! These were a bit of a gamble – flares still hold the stigma of the early 2000s for me. Boy, oh boy, has my mind been changed! They fit like a glove, got the tick of approval from the boyfriend (who’s not usually into anything too out there) and earned many compliments on their first outing! Winner, winner!

I may have saved the best ’til last. Not only does Dotti offer free shipping on all orders over $80 – it’s not difficult to get there, trust me – you can return any unwanted purchases in store, free of charge. Seriously, any Dotti store! They’re everywhere! And they just put the money right back onto your card. It actually couldn’t be any easier.

It’s All Part of the Plan

I’m one of those organised chaos kind of people. I’ll always know roughly where things are – I’ll just have to sift through a small mountain to find what I’m after. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being super organised – it’s almost a job requirement as a teacher – but I just can’t seem to stay that way. Which is why I’m getting some professional help.

Planners have become hot stuff as of late. It’s like a fairy godmother waved her magic wand over a calendar diary and produced a wonderous little book that will sort out your life, get you in shape, wash the dishes, fold the laundry and pair all your socks. Well… maybe not but it will take the pressure off your overloaded brain and make it much easier to stay on top of commitments.

What I love about Bullet Planner is that they allow you to customise everything from the colour of the spiral binding to the page layout. Spending some time clicking through their options and features gives you the opportunity to tailor a planner perfectly to your needs and taste. I couldn’t go past the gorgeously vibrant pineapples but there are some more muted options, if that’s what you’re into.

Pictured in this post is the Revitalise Me journal (free, just pay shipping). My planner is on its way, I just had to get this post out fast, as these babies take time to put together! Order now in time for Christmas.