My Life, Revitalised

It has been a hectic year. A wonderful, full of action, fast-paced, hectic year. It’s an incredible phenomenon, that every year seems to race past faster than the year before, but it’s one I know a lot of people can relate to. With life seemingly in fast forward, I struggle to find the time to look after myself properly. From forgetting to drink enough water, to neglecting to check in with how I’m really feeling, my body and mind have copped it big time.Needing to do something about this neglect, I ordered a customised Revitalise Me journal from Bullet Planner. Bear with me – I’m not one to turn to quick fixes or hokey gimmicks to solve everything but I figured the 28 day challenge could be the perfect tool to help me be more tuned in to myself. They idea is that you work out your intentions for different areas of your life, set goals, and make and track positive habits, while monitoring exercise/eating and evaluating your emotional state.Everyday, there’s a page to fill out, listing goals for the day, a place to write down what makes you happy and, my favourite, a water tracker! For every glass I drink, I get to colour in one of the little cups. If nothing else, I can feel like I’ve achieved something and reached a goal if I get all eight filled in by the end of the day. It’s like a high five from myself.The beautiful pineapple print cover and thoughtful layout encourage me to keep coming back and putting effort into completing the page everyday. Anything that gives me the motivation to take care of myself has got to be good and, right now, ahead of the silliest of seasons, is the perfect opportunity to reset and revitalise. We could all be a little more zen, don’t you think?

Pick up your own Revitalise Me journal or browse Bullet Planner’s range of year planners here.


More for Me

It’s free gift with purchase time! With the silly season rapidly galloping towards us, gift sets and other promotions are hitting the shelves en masse – and I am loving every minute of it. Around this time last year, I picked up the Revlon gift with purchase – and blogged about it here – so when their latest offering appeared, I leapt on it like a cheetah on a baby impala.

With one of the lowest buy in prices – $39.95 – it is very easy to get your hot little hands on this bundle of goodies. I purchased an SPF 20 lightweight foundation (perfect for travelling) and received free mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, and the sweetest shade of frosty pink nail polish you will ever set your eyes on. Now that is good value.When you’re reading this, I’ll be relaxing on holiday – so my brain is firmly in travel mode. I’m on the hunt for the perfect, all-rounder cosmetics, and this set may have just ticked a couple of those boxes. The blush, in Tickled Pink, is a beautiful peachy pink with just a hint of gold shimmer – perfect for a sun kissed cheek, if I do say so myself! – and the lipstick, Pink Velvet, is a versatile shade that could be dabbed on over balm for a subtle, natural tint or swept on, straight from the bullet, to really pack a punch.The pouch itself was a very pleasant surprise, with it’s gorgeous, summery floral print and adorable little tassel. While being lovely and roomy for use as a cosmetics bag, I’m also thinking of attaching a chain strap and using it for everyday wear! I’ll keep you posted on that one.All in all, I can’t get enough of Revlon’s gift sets. While they’re not my absolute favourite cosmetics brand in terms of shades and overall quality, their eyeshadow palettes especially make wonderful travel kits – I will definitely be including one in my holiday packing blog, coming up!

Spring Racing Stylin’

For anyone planning on heading to the races this spring racing season, sorting out an outfit can be something of a challenge. If you’re anything like me, casual cool for this kind of event just won’t do! So I’m sharing my somewhat extra Fashions on the Field style outfit for your viewing pleasure!The dress is Forever New – similar here – in a size 6. The skirt is just so full and racy and, best of all, it has pockets!This gorgeous clutch is also from Forever New. Doesn’t hold much but it is very cute. And, yes, that is a tasseled earring dangling from the corner! For those of you who read my statement earring post, it may be very familiar. My shoes are actually an op shop find and I am obsessed with the colour! I have linked some similar pairs here and here.Finally the headpiece. No racing outfit is complete without a fascinator or hat of some sort… aaaand this isn’t really either. I like to think of it as my nature goddess/ice queen crown and it’s all DIY, baby!I hope you enjoyed my outfit and got some inspiration for your own race day stylin’!

One Weekend of Wonderful

I am a champion of small business and I’m sure we all love a good bargain – so I’ve got some for you! This weekend (4th and 5th November) The Urban List is putting on something called Urban Weekender and this means loads of discounts for us! $5 espresso martinis are just the beginning and did I mention never ending coffee? (It seems we have a coffee theme going on)…Here are some of my favourites and where you can go for more info.


This super Freo spot, well known for it’s delicious food and sweet, live tunes, is dishing up espresso martinis at five bucks a pop. Not bad, have two.

Ivy & Jess

Freebies are pretty much the best thing ever, especially when they are beautiful and functional. Like the indoor pot plant you’ll be scoring when you purchase anything from Ivy & Jess! Plants are functional, they make our oxygen, which is pretty essential, really.

Rochelle Adonis

How ’bout some bottomless brunch? We all love brunch and long brunches are even better. How long can you make it last? Well, this weekend, you can find out.

There are so many more brilliant deals, so head here for more of the deets!

Arts in Perth – The West Australian Opera

Celebrating it’s 50th year, The West Australian Opera has a longstanding tradition of sophistication and quality. You know that if WAO is behind it, it’s going to be good – and the opening night of Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor was no exception. With stellar performance’s from the entire cast, most notably Emma Pearson’s portrayal of Lucia – that mad scene-, the curtains closed to thunderous applause.As can be expected of the West Australian Opera, the production quality of the show was also spectacular. From the fantastic orchestra to the costumes and sets, every tiny detail was attended to and perfected so that the audience could become completely immersed and entranced in the wonderfully over-dramatic world of feuding Scottish families, love, betrayal and murder.His Majesty’s Theatre, the home of WAO, positively oozes class. Stepping through the doors is like being transported into another world, with all it’s marble staircases, plush carpets and polished brass. Sipping on my pre-show glass of bubbles and wandering through the throngs of well dressed opera goers, I felt like I’d stepped back in time. The effervescent atmosphere – and freely flowing sparkling from the many well stocked bars – quickly went to my head and swept me along for the ride. I was hooked.Although my love of theatre in all it’s wonderous forms has always been strong, I felt that the opera was somehow unattainable – something only certain members of society could attend. Not so! There is no elitism or snobbishness, only a shared passion for the arts that transcends any perceived barriers.So, if you’ve ever wanted to go to the opera or just feel up for something new, I heartily recommend getting tickets. Lucia di Lammermoor is running until the 4th of November but you can find out about all of WAO’s upcoming shows here.

Arts in Perth – Kimberley Aboriginal Art Exhibition

Throughout the remainder of the year, I will be putting out a series of blog posts highlighting the arts in Perth. Some may argue that we’re not a particularly cultural city – just leave that to Melbourne, they say – but I beg to differ! There is so much going on, from independent, experimental theatre, to free community events, to high profile art exhibitions and opera! I’m going to take one for the the team and attend as many as possible.Late last week, I was privileged to attend the opening of the Kimberley Aboriginal art exhibition at Kidogo Art House in Fremantle. Organised by Environs Kimberley, a not-for-profit organisation that works to protect our beautiful Northwest’s natural landscape wildlife and resources, the evening began with a Welcome to Country and smoke ceremony to ward off bad spirits.After hearing from a number of the artists, we were free to peruse the works and wander through the exhibition.

Many of the artists collected and painted with natural ochre to create their works, lending a warm earthiness to the entire exhibition, but there were some less conventional mediums. One piece that caught my eye was created by painting an entire sheet of tin bright red, before etching designs into the dried paint.Some highly collectable pieces were sold during the successful auction, raising money for Environs Kimberley. Let’s just say,  quite a few of the buyers would have gone home very happy, knowing their acquisitions will definitely prove to be solid investments.The exhibition has ended but Kidogo Art House hosts regular events, so check what’s coming up here, take an afternoon to immerse yourself in whatever is on, and maybe stop by next door at Bather’s Beachhouse for a drink on the sand and pretty much the best sunset view you’ll ever see.

Totally Wrapped

Previously, I have spoken about my love for the shirtdress and, let me tell you, my love has not waned! But, lately, I’ve found my affections divided. No longer does the shirtdress take the daily pole position for my outfit options, no, there’s a new contender in town. Maybe I am somewhat late to the party but I am starting to get seriously involved with the much-loved wrap dress.

So flattering!

It’s true what they say about the wrap dress being a hero in the body-confidence department. It highlights my waist beautifully, while masking any flaws (What are flaws, really? We’re all just perfect) with layers of material. And boobs? Even the genetically underendowed will look like there’s something going on. Not that I would know, but I hear the ampler bosoms are also comfortably contained and restrained by this prodigious garment.

So polished!

The figure skimming shape of a wrap dress makes it perfect work attire. Never mind struggling to match tops and bottom, with this single piece, you can be dressed and out the door in 10! Hit that snooze button one more time, you deserve it. Wearing a wrap dress, you’ll probably even get compliments on your dishevelled chic hairstyle and ‘natural’ makeup – it’s that good, the goodness overflows.

So darn easy!

As for work, as for play. I don’t know about you, but I want something easy to throw over my bathers so I can head straight to the bar on a hot day. Who wants to waste time with buttons, zips or searching for leg holes when you could be sipping a cold *insert beverage of choice*? Not me.

Do yourself a favour, go out and get yourself a wrap dress or six. You can thank me by buying me a drink at that bar we’ll both be at, thanks to our being able to get changed so darn quickly.

The Smallest Coffins Are the Heaviest

And, knowing that one child dies every five minutes as a result of violence, it’s a weight we all have to bear.

I don’t normally start my posts in such a somber fashion but this is a statistic that I am really not ok with. This October, I am raising money for the Polished Man foundation to try to take steps toward better protecting the most vulnerable of us all.

Polished Man is calling on men (and women) to paint one fingernail blue to represent the one child with the intention that it will spark a conversation that inspires a donation. The money raised goes to providing trauma recovery and prevention programs for children at risk, many of whom are living in poverty and/or have little or no access to education and healthcare. Part of your donation will also support World Vision, the Australian Childhood Foundation, Hagar Australia and the New York Centre for Children.

90% of sexual violence toward children is committed by men but the Polished Man initiative is a chance to acknowledge those who speak up and take action to nail this egregious statistic.Having worked with so many beautiful children, I understand the absolute trust they put in us, as adults, for safety and protection. Breaking that trust, allowing it to be broken or turning a blind eye when it happens are all unforgivable crimes.

Please give what you can, whether it is simply painting a nail to raise awareness or donating money to this vital cause – my fundraising page is linked here.